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Friday, December 28, 2018
Mecca 9 Awards Banquet
Mecca 9 Awards Banquet is January 5, 2019
Doors open at 1:00
General Membership Meeting 2:00
Conferral 2:45
Dinner 3:45
Awards to follow
$5.00 a ticket
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
from Moose International
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Secretary's Message
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Secretary’s Message:
We just got back from Moose International Convention in Tampa what a great convention. We learned more about the new Moose experience it is going to be Called (Lodgic). You can go to the new web page for it at www.lodgic.org . Plus two changes to the General Laws were approved. The Directors received the Key Club at the Convention. The key club is awarded to all 7 Directors for sponsoring 2 members each in the physical year. This year we were the first in the Fraternity to do so. We have 24 new applications so far this year and have 29 candidates that need to be conferred. So if you have sponsored a member and he has not been conferred please get him to a Conferral as soon as possible as you will receive another credit on your number of people you have sponsored. In the Moose Legion you get one credit when you sign the member up and one when he gets conferred. Don’t let that second point get away get the members to a conferral it may get you to the next level in awards.
We need everyone’s help in retention and building our Moose Legion Lodge Committees so our members want to come to the events we have for them. What is your Lodge Moose Legion Committee doing? Are they having events or dinners for you to attend? Are they having meeting every month? Are you attending the meetings and getting involved with the committee? I’m hoping the answer is yes to all of the above because you are the men who make things happen and can strengthen your Lodge Moose Legion Committee. A strong Moose Legion Committee can make a big difference in your Lodge.
We just had two events the T – ball World Series and the Picnic at Batavia. Both events where free and everyone had a great time. Our schedule of events is on the Web site at legion9@mooseunits.org or you can call me if you have any questions.
We also conferred new one member Cody Murphy from Batavia and Cody is going to be a house parent at the Michigan home. Good luck Cody.
If anyone would like to have the Newsletter Emailed to them instead of having it mailed to them let me know
Michael Pszotka Secretary Mecca 9 (847-812-7051) or email me at legion9@mooseunits.org
President's Message
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